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UK Support Projects by Add My Support (2014)


Learn about Add My Support’s latest projects, our community and individual campaigns, current support networks and latest news.

We enable people to find assistance and opportunities, whenever and wherever there is a need. We currently run over 50 supportive networks and individual project sites. Our projects operate on and offline, and are available and accessible to all.

We regularly review our project focus and select key areas where we feel  services, networking, accessible support or equal opportunities are currently missing.




All Support Projects by Add My Support


Living With Change – Combating loss of identity in care

Older person living in careTacking loneliness,  isolation and loss of identity caused by changes in later life.

The Living With Change project will connect people and families, within or entering the care system to their peers through life stories, experiences and interests shared online and via printed newsletters.

The information that is shared can be used directly, and by family, friends or carers to help older people discover new friendships and stay in touch with old friends throughout the different stages of care they receive.

This project aims to directly combat loss of identity caused through change and directly tackles isolation and loneliness. This project is due to run until late 2015.


Free to Succeed – 1000 chances for young people

Graffiti of young "Hoody" underwriting saying "What next?"This project gives everyone the chance to do well, irrespective of their beginnings.

In a fair society everybody has the right to succeed. Ability, effort and ambition should count, not the school you went to, your parent’s jobs, who you know or where you live. No one should be prevented from fulfilling their potential by the circumstances of their birth.

We are providing 1000 young people with support they wouldn’t typically have access to, to help them achieve goals, overcome obstacles, learn new skills, find new opportunities and make new helpful connections outside their current social circle.


Ethical Ties – (Creating ethical business ties)

Ethical businessesThis project encourages organisatitons to take an ethical approach in all areas of business.

A core aim of this project is to connect UK businesses to charity partners, charitable projects and individuals needing help.

The Ethical Business Network is a place where people can find and get in touch with ethical businesses, learn about ethical approaches and understand what it really means to be ethical.



Sporting Doors – (Sports development and support)

Encouraging youth and grassroots sportThe Sporting Doors project brings unique sporting opportunities and chances to young people in the UK regardless of background or location.

Through the closely moderated network, young people are offered unique opportunities to help them develop talent and experience a wider sports world.

Working with private and public sector organisations young people and families receive access to exclusive sporting opportunities, as well as deals and discounts on equipment, lessons and other helpful resources.



Don’t Hold Me Back – (Disability support networking)

Young disabled woman in wheel chairThis ongoing project helps find support for personal requests and provides an online hub for disability projects, campaigns and issues.

This project is helping to address the daily issues faced by over 10 million adults and 770,000 children living with a disability in the UK.

Through the disability support network disabled people, and their friends and families, can request help and assistance specific to their individual needs and personal ambitions.


Open Up Arts – (Creative opportunities in the arts)

Arts and culture projectAdd My Support’s arts and culture project  supports young people interested in art, drama, dance and music.

With so little time or support given to creative subjects in UK schools, this project provides personal support and opportunities to young people interested in the arts or other creative subjects.

The Opening Up Arts project helps young people achieve their goals, learn new skills by creating new connections, asking questions, finding mentors and sponsors to turn their artistic projects, ideas and aims into reality.


ImProve UK Health and Fitness – (A healthier and fitter nation)

Improve UK Fitness Research by Ukactive showed that in some parts of the UK, four in 10 people exercise less than half an hour each month.

“Physical inactivity currently accounts for nearly one fifth of premature deaths in the UK.”  Lord Sebastian Coe.

The project makes participation in sport and fitness activities easier, cheaper and accessible to all.

Project participants can request professional and peer support to help them achieve their personal fitness goals or overcome health obstacles that prevent them from being more active.  



Spot The Signs – (Symptoms and safety awareness)

healthnetworksDo you know what signs you should be looking out for?

Early diagnosis is a universal factor in tackling cancer and other health issues. Early detection improves your chances of surviving and can also make the treatments considerably gentler and bring less side effects.

This project is aiming to raise awareness of health symptoms and common safety issues to help people recognise them early.

Working with charity and private partners the Spot The Signs project is coordinating existing and new symptom and safety awareness campaigns.  Organisations can contribute their own campaigns to be promoted through this project.


EnviroAct – (Environmental action and rewards)

Community walk in unspoilt hillsideEnvironmental issues are a regular part of every day news and life.  The impact of global warming, increased housing needs,  flood risk, periods of drought and other extreme conditions leave many people and communities facing serious long term environmental challenges. 

This project helps coordinate action and response to environmental changes and development plans that could affect environmental stability for people, nature and habitats.

EnviroAct empowers people to take action to protect the environment, green spaces and nature.


How you can help

Support networks and campaigns rely on support from individuals and organisations. If you think you or your organisation can help and would like to benefit from unique, tailored marketing and sales opportunities that can help you grow your presence on and offline please contact us or find out more.